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*Business: SimplyAnalytics

What is SimplyAnalytics?

SimplyAnalytics is a proprietary data tool that allows users to gather and visualize consumer and demographic data, notably by creating segmented maps. SimplyAnalytics is free to UW and Cascadia students so long as they are enrolled. Students can create a free account to save projects as they go. 

UW Library's license allows for five users to access SimplyAnalytics at one time. If you experience difficulty accessing SimplyAnalytics and have followed the access instructions at the bottom of this page, consider trying again later. It may be that the user limit has been reached.

Using SimplyAnalytics

Applying Data in Marketing Projects

Citing Data

To cite in APA format, list the name of your data point, including the year as well as the Data Source*. Include "Retrieved from SimplyAnalytics."

Citation with one data point: 

Median Household Income 2020. US Census Bureau American Community Survey. Census 2009 Estimate. Retrieved from SimplyAnalytics.

In-Text Citation: (Median Household Income 2020)

Citation with two data points: 

Make of Vehicle- Most Recently Acquired- Toyota 2019 and Gasoline Household Average 2020. SimmonsLOCAL and SimplyAnalytics Consumer Expenditure Estimates. Retrieved from SimplyAnalytics.

In-Text Citation: (Make of Vehicle-Toyota 2019 and Gasoline Household Average 2020)

*Find the Data Source using View Metadata in the Comparison Table view.

Accessing SimplyAnalytics Off Campus

Accessing SimplyAnalytics Off Campus

To access SimplyAnalytics off-campus, you will need to log-in with your UW NetID and connect to Husky OnNet. Once connected, you may need to make sure your server is set to "All Internet Traffic."