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The New York Times digital edition is now available for all current UW and Cascadia College students, staff and faculty via the UW Libraries campus-wide subscription.



  • A free personal account to
  • Access via the web or NYT app (Apple & Android)
  • Multimedia content including podcasts & visualizations
  • Teaching and learning content for faculty


  • You are agreeing to the NYT data privacy policy
  • New and existing subscribers have different sign-up processes, noted below
  • Student access runs through 12/31 of their graduation year
  • Faculty and staff renew access every four years
  • Premium apps (games, cooking) are ONLY available to UW students through ASUW.

New Subscribers to NYT: Activate your UW account

  1. Go to 

  2. Type and select "University of Washington and Cascadia College" in the box.

  3. Choose whether you are on campus or off and follow the instructions to create an account.
    If you are on campus, click on the words "here."
    If you are off campus, click on the blue "Go" button.
    If you are off campus and connecting through Husky OnNet, disconnect from Husky OnNet and then select the "Go" button.  
    You may be prompted to enter your UW NetID and password.

  4. Use your UW email address and create a password
    For security, we recommend NOT using your UW password

  5. Begin reading The NYT anytime, anywhere, using any device by logging in to or via the NYT app (available for Apple and Android) using your UW NYT account information.   

Need help?


If you encounter an error message, email


Existing Subscribers to NYT: Switch to a UW NYT account

If you already subscribe to the NYT with a paid personal subscription and you'd like to change it to a free UW-provided account, you will need to cancel your personal subscription before you can claim your free UW account. You may continue to use the email address and password associated with your cancelled subscription which enables you to keep any personalization and newsletters you receive. To cancel an existing account, please contact New York Times Customer Care:

Note: Premium apps (Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, etc.) are NOT included in the UW Libraries basic subscription.  You may change your personal NY Times subscription to only cover one more more of the premium apps.  See The NY Times Products & Subscriptions page for more information.

Once the subscription is cancelled:

  1. Go to 
  2. Type in University of Washington and Cascadia College and follow the instructions based on your location
  3. Depending on your location, select the on-campus link or click on the Go button if you are off-campus.
  4. Since you, the subscriber, "Already has an account", select “Log In" (Found below "Create an Account")
  5. Input the email address  and password that you used for your previous personal NYT account
  6. Re-authenticate, then go directly to and log in
  7. While it is not necessary, you may change the email associated with your account to your UW email account by going to Account >> Account Settings >> select Update next to Email  


If you encounter an error message, email  

Privacy Notes

When you create a UW account, your personal information is subject to use by The New York Times Company as described below.

  • What/when/how personal data is collected: Information required when you sign up for an account or create a profile; user-generated content you post (such as comments or reviews); use an interactive feature (such as chat, chat bot or article sharing options); participate in reader contests, surveys, research, panels, and experience programs; how you visit and use Times Services through tracking technologies in your web browser and mobile apps; GPS enabled features.    
  • Data collected through third parties: If you access through a social media service, information collected may include your social media user ID and/or user name, profile picture, email address, demographic data, your interests, and your activities on other websites.
  • Other data collected through third party analytics providers, ad networks, and advertisers: New York Times Company can track your online activities over time and across third party websites, apps and devices. Data may include your name, contact information, your transactions, purchase history, or relationships with various product and service providers, and use of certain applications. 
  • Other data that may be collected: Password, birthday, education or graduation year, occupation, financial information (i.e. income, investments, portfolio transactions and value), live event accommodations, and interests.
  • See The New York Times Company's Privacy Policy for more information.