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News: NYT Games & Cooking for Students

NYT Games and Cooking available to UW students

The Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) offers New York Times Games and Cooking subscriptions for UW students. This is a one-year pilot program.

A Games subscription provides all UW students with unlimited access to the Crossword, Wordle, Connections, Letter Boxed, and more.

Cooking subscriptions are available to 5,000 UW students, available first come, first serve. 

UW students should follow these steps to activate their Games and/or Cooking accounts:

  1. Activate your account through the UW Libraries.  
  2. Sign up for Games and Cooking through the ASUW website using this link.
  3. Complete a brief questionnaire. 
  4. Enjoy your year-long subscription.  

Use the Apps!

  The NY Times has apps for Apple and Android.  

  For optimal experience, download and use the NYT Crossword App and the NYT Cooking App.