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Teaching & Learning: NYT InEducation and The Learning Network

NYT InEducation and The Learning Network help faculty bring current events into the classroom, providing:

  • Discipline-specific areas of study
  • Classroom discussion prompts
  • Suggested learning outcomes
  • General instructional strategies to promote student achievement
  • Co-Currucular activities including events, discussions, and contests


If you want to use these teaching & learning resources, you must create 3 separate accounts using your UW email address.  You may use the same password for each account.  


Teaching & Learning: Sharing Links

If you want to share links to an NY Times article in your course, use the "Copy Link" function to get a durable link.

The copy link option is found under the "Share" icon (a small arrow) at the top of each article:

Then paste the copied link into your course. Here's the shareable URL from the example above:

Remind students to register for their UW account or they will only be able to read one article without registering. Encourage your students to activate their UW access if you plan to use multiple NYT sources in your class.

Creating a PDF of an article and sharing it with your students is NOT allowed.  For more information, see Linking to

UW users may not copy content from NYT digital products and publish the content on websites, intranets, or other platforms. UW account holders may download items "for personal use only, provided that you maintain all copyright and other notices contained therein. Copying or storing of any Content for other than personal use is expressly prohibited without prior written permission from The New York Times Rights and Permissions Department, or the copyright holder identified in the copyright notice contained in the Content."

Content credit: SJSU New York Times Online, For Faculty

Personalized Access

The NY Times has apps for Apple and Android.  Read more in the NYT Personalization F.A.Q.

Create your UW NYT account first, then use your account to log in to the app.

Premium apps for the NYT Games and NYT Cooking are not part of the UW subscription.  

Newsletters & Events

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Multimedia & Interactive Journalism

Access all NYT multimedia journalism including award-winning See How the World's Most Polluted Air Compares With Your City's and The 1619 Project

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