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News: New York Times Activation Help

New Subscribers to NYT: Activate your UW account

1. Go to 

2. Type and select "University of Washington and Cascadia College" in the box.

3. Choose whether you are on campus or off and follow the instructions to create an account. If you are on campus, click on the words "here." If you are off campus, click the blue "Go" button.  


4. If you are off campus, you may be prompted to login with your UW NetID. You may then be prompted to complete two factor authentication. When you are directed to the "Welcome to The New York Times" page, click "Create Account." 
Note: If you encounter an "Unauthorized Network Connection. Please connect to the network of your participating organization, then visit" error, it may be because you are connecting through Husky OnNet.  Please disconnect from Husky OnNet and then select the "Go" button.  



5. Use your UW email address and create a password

For security, we recommend NOT using your UW password



6. Select if you are a Student or Faculty/Staff.


7. Click on "Get Started"


8. Begin reading The NYT anytime, anywhere, using any device by logging in to or via the NYT app (available for Apple and Android) using your UW NYT account information.   

Need help?

Watch The New York Times video walk through of the activation process.

If you encounter an error message, email