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U.S. Decennial Census: 1810

Decade by decade information about how to access and use U.S. Census reports.

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About the 1810 census


  • 3rd decennial census
  • US population: 7239,881

Questions asked

  • Name of head of family
  • Race
  • If white, age
  • If white, sex
  • Slaves


map of the united states in 1810

Map of coverage of the 1810 census.

For more information, see Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790 - 1920 available in print via UW Libraries.

Population Schedules

Census population schedules (or "name schedules" or "manuscript census") are copies of the original questionnaires collected during each decennial census. They list the individual names and family information of the people enumerated. Unlike the statistics published soon after the census, the population schedules remain confidential for 72 years. 1950 is the most recent population schedule available.


"Aggregate amount of each description of persons within the United States of America..." features population data by race, condition of servitude, State, county, and town for the 1810 census. Also includes data by sex for free white persons, and by age group for males.


"A Statement of the arts and manufactures of the United States of America" features tables with manufacturing statistics by state and county.

More Information from the US Census Bureau

Census Compilations

Data Sources


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