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FAQ: Do I have access to this journal?

Journal access

UW Libraries offers access to journals both in print and online. To see how a journal can be accessed, it is easiest if you know the journal title.

1. Start at UW Libraries Search tool on the Libraries' home page.
Type the journal's full title, surrounded by quotes into the search bar.

UW Libraries Search


2. Once you locate the correct journal in the result list, you can identify if the journal is available online, in print at UW Libraries, or if the journal is at a Summit (non-UW) library.

Journal search results

Tip: Similar to the image above, it is possible that you'll find multiple results for the same journal. Each location (online, print, and Summit library copies) can be listed as a separate result.


3. To access or locate a journal, click the tab labeled Online Access or Availability & Request Options.
Tip: You may be prompted to login with your UW NetID and password to view these options.

Online Access - provides a list of databases that will direct you to the journal online.
Journal online access options

Availability & Request Options- provides location information for the print journal at UW Libraries or request options.

Journal request options

Tip: You can use the "Request volume/part via Summit" button if UW Libraries does not have the exact volume/issue you need.


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