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Save a query

When you run a search in UW Libraries Search, you can save that search and run it again at a later time. You can also set up an email alert based on that query so that the system emails you with new results of that search periodically.

1. Let's start by running a search and saving a query:

screenshot of save query


2. When you click "save query", you'll see a pop-up at the top of the screen that notifies you it has been saved to "My Favorites" (the pushpin icon shown in above example) and asks if you want to set up an alert. 


screenshot of popup save query notice


3. If you turn on notifications for this saved query, a popup window will ask for your email to send you update notifications.


screenshot of signup save alert


4. To view your saved queries and alerts, click on the pushpin icon screenshot of pushpin icon, also known as "My Favorites", in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

There you'll find your "saved searches". You will also see your recent activity in "search history" and any "saved records" (individual items) you previously saved by clicking on the pushpin. Important: you must log-in with your UW NetID in order for these searches and saved items to be persistent to your next session. If you do not log in, they will not be there the next time you use UW Libraries Search.