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How can I make filters persistent in UW Libraries Search?

To make filters stay in place while you are searching:

  1. Be sure that you are logged into UW Libraries Search.
  2. Click on the filters you need and click on the Apply Filters button.
    apply filters screenshot
  3. Your filters should now appear under “Active Filters” at the top of the filter list. Hover on the filters you’d like to make persistent and click on the lock icon OR click on the Remember all filters button.
  4. Click the lock icon to make an individual item persistent.
    lock filters screenshot
  5. Or click on the Remember all filters button.
    Remember all filters screenshot

Once a filter is “locked”, it will be applied to all of your searches until you remove the filter by doing one of the following: clicking on the reset filters button, clicking on a menu item (Basic Search, Advanced Search etc.), close the search window or log out of your session.