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How do I save items in UW Libraries Search?

My Favorites allows you to save and organize items that you find during your UW Libraries Search session so you can quickly refer to them in future. 
Important: you must be logged in to UW Libraries Search to save items for future sessions. If you are not logged in, your saved items will only be available for the current session.

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Saving items to My Favorites

1. After searching for a resource on the main search page, click the pushpin icon screenshot of pushpin on the right-hand side of the item. The pushpin will shift to having a line through it screenshot of saved item pushpin  and the item will be added to your favorites.

Pushpin icon to save to My Favorites

Alternatively, add all items from a page at once by clicking the "save query" link Save Query link at the top of your search results.

Viewing saves in My Favorites

To view My Favorites, click on the pushpin icon in the top right corner of the screen.

My Favorites icon


My Favorites screen


Items sent to My Favorites are listed under "Saved Records".  To un-save an item, just click the pushpin on the right side of the item name.


Click on Saved Searches to view searches that you saved  in the past. Click on individual saved searches to rerun the query.


Click on Search History to see recent searches. Click on these items to return to those results.

Tagging items (adding labels)

You can apply tags or labels to your saved items to categorize them. 

1. In My Favorites, click "Add Labels" on a record.

2. Type in a name for the new label.

my favorites add label bar

3. Current labels appear to the right. To view items under a specific or multiple labels, click each desired label.

Saved Records labels

Managing items

You can perform additional operations on individual items by clicking on the actions icon (three dots at end):

More options


Manage saved items


  • E-mail: Send this item to yourself or others.
  • Permalink: Generates a short and persistent URL you can share with others
  • Citation: Choose from several citation styles and copy the information from an on-screen clipboard. (Note: Always double-check citations for accuracy.)
  • Print: Print the selected item's record
  • Endnote, EasyBib, Export RIS, BibTex: Export this item to the selected citation management platform.

Removing Items from Favorites

Remove saved item

  • In the Saved Records display, click on the 'pin' icon to remove items.
  • When prompted, click Remove It to confirm.

Remove It link