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Take Me There: Maps and Books from Old Japan: 03

This page is a guide to the exhibit which display Books, manuscripts and maps published in Japan's Tokugawa Period (1603-1868) that came to light and are were cataloged during the Tateuchi Retrospective Cataloging project in the East Asia Library.


Chikyū bankoku zenzu
Nagakubo Sekisui

Tōto [Tokyo] : Yamazaki Kinbē :
Naniwa [Osaka] : Asano Yahē, ca. 1785

Map, 84.7 x 131.6 cm
Hand colored woodblock print

East Asia Library Collection
G3201.S5 N34


In production of this map, the artist referred to Matteo Ricci’s [1552-1610] world map, which was published in China about 180 years before this map production was drawn. Therefore, it illustrates an old-fashioned worldview. Nevertheless, it is one of Nagakubo’s masterpieces and it continued to be published until the early Meiji period. Our library also holds another famous piece of Sekisuizu, “Nihon yochi rotei zenzu, ” published in 1791.

Nagakubo Sekisui

Sekisui is a pseudonym and Genju is his given name. He was a geographer during the middle of the Tokugawa period. Although he is from a farming family, he was able to complete his education and later worked as a tutor for the lord of the Mito Domain. Nagakubo became interested in geography in 1765, when he wrote “Annan hyōryūki” and “Nagasaki kikō”, two stories of a castaway to Annan (Vietnam).


地球萬國全圖 (ちきゅうばんこくぜんず)

東都 [東京] : 山崎金兵衛 :
浪速 [大阪] : 浅野弥兵衛, ca. 1785

地図, 84.7 x 131.6 cm

G3201.S5 N34


この地図作成にあたり参考にしたのは、これより約180年前の1602 年に中国で出版されたマテオ・リッチ[1552-1610]の世界地図。そのため、時代遅れ世界観が描かれているものの、赤水図 (せきすいず) の代表作一つとして、明治初期まで数多く出版され広く流布した。東アジア図書館では、赤水図のもう一つの代表作、1791 年刊『日本輿地路程全圖 (にほんよちろていぜんず) 』も所蔵。

長久保赤水 (ながくぼ せきすい)

赤水 (せきすい) は号で玄珠 (げんじゅ) が名前。徳川時代中期の地理学者。農民の出でありながら学問を修め、後に水戸藩主の侍講もつとめる。地理学に傾注したのは 1765 年、安南 (あんなん, 現ベトナム)からの漂流帰還者の話、『安南漂流記』『長崎紀行』を著したのが契機。

地球萬國全圖 (Chukyū bankoku zenzu)

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