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Take Me There: Maps and Books from Old Japan: 04

This page is a guide to the exhibit which display Books, manuscripts and maps published in Japan's Tokugawa Period (1603-1868) that came to light and are were cataloged during the Tateuchi Retrospective Cataloging project in the East Asia Library.


Enkyū bankoku chikai zenzu 
Ishizuka Saikō

Japan : Copier not identified, ca. 1802
Map, 116.2 x 214.5 cm
Manuscript copy

East Asia Library Collection
G3201.S5 E55


This world map, originally produced in 1802 was compiled by Ishizuka who was appointed as a lord of the Satsuma Domain by Shimazu Shigehide [1745-1833]. Shimazu encouraged scholars to learn Rangaku (Western science and humanities). This was one of the publishing projects instituted by Shimazu. The map in our collection was copied by hand, but the transcription date is unknown. This map was originally a combination of two works: “Tenmonzu ryakusetsu” and “Chikai zenzu shūsetsu”. Therefore, not only the map itself, but also astronomical information is included on this map.
Under the policy of seclusion, publication of maps like this, which actively incorporated Western knowledge, was extremely unlikely. However, because Shimazu was the father-in-law of Tokugawa Ienari, the Tokugawa shogun at that time, it is said that this relationship made it possible to get approval of the map’s publication from the Tokugawa shogunate.

Ishizuka Saikō

Saikō, who was also known as Kakusai or Jirōzaemon, was a scholar from the Satsuma Domain and later became an instructor at Zōshikan, the educational
institution of the Satsuma Domain. Ishizuka produced scholarly works on the Chinese language. He also spent considerable time studying geography and astronomy as well.


圓球萬國地海全圖 (えんきゅうばんこくちかいぜんず)

日本: 書写者不明, ca. 1802
地図, 116.2 x 214.5 cm

G3201.S5 E55


当時の薩摩藩主島津重豪(しげひで)の命を受け、石塚崔高が主として編纂、享和二年 1802 年に出版された世界地図。蘭学振興につとめた大名重豪の出版事業の一つである。当館所蔵地図は、この地図を手書きで写したもので、書写年代は不明。この地図は元々『天文図略説(てんもんずりゃくせつ)』及び『地海全図集説(ちうかいぜんずしゅうせつ)』を合刻したものであり、そのため、地図だけでなく天文学上の情報も盛り込まれている。

石塚崔高 (いしずか さいこう)

別名確斎 (かくさい)、通称次郎左衛門 (じろうざえもん)とも。徳川時代中期、薩摩藩出身の学者でのちに同藩校造士館 (ぞうしかん) の教授となる。唐音(中国語)に詳しく著書を残す一方、地理・天文にも精通した。

圓球萬國地海全圖 (Enkyū bankoku chikai zenzu)

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