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Take Me There: Maps and Books from Old Japan: 08

This page is a guide to the exhibit which display Books, manuscripts and maps published in Japan's Tokugawa Period (1603-1868) that came to light and are were cataloged during the Tateuchi Retrospective Cataloging project in the East Asia Library.



Japan : Copier not identified,
3 v., 27 cm.
Manuscript copy

East Asia Library Collection
G525 .H96


Numerous castaway stories were compiled into these three volumes.
This includes the stories of castaways from foreign countries to Japan, as well as the story of a famous castaway, Daikokuya Kōdayū. Daikokuya drifted to the Aleutian Islands in 1782. In order to request permission to return home, he was granted an audience with Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great. He eventually returned to Japan in 1792.



日本: 書写者不明, 1796-1801?
3 v., 27 cm.

G525 .H96


中国から日本への漂着者の話や、漂流記として有名な大黒屋光太夫(だいこくやこうだゆう)の話を含む。光太夫は 1782 年アリューシャン列島に漂着。帰国申請のためロシア女帝エカテリーナ二世に謁見し、1792 年に日本に帰国した人物

漂流記 (Hyōryuki)

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