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Finding Nordic Books in the University Libraries

The University Libraries' Nordic materials are integrated with other collections rather than set aside in their own section, but there are a few easy ways to identify Nordic materials using UW Libraries Search.

Try adding geographic terms (Scandinavia - Sweden - Faroe Islands) or demonyms (Scandinavian - Swedish - Faroese) to a search when trying to identify Nordic materials. Use English terminology with a subject search (as our subject indexing language is English), but keyword searches can be in any language. Likewise, you can filter your results by language to identify materials in Nordic languages. Be aware that UW Libraries Search regards Scandinavian characters Æ - Ø - Å etc. as AE - O - A etc., and disregards diacritics.

For journal articles, see Databases. You will find ebooks and other online materials in UW Libraries Search, but the best way to explore articles is through our scholarly databases, since UW Libraries Search does not provide a comprehensive search of available article content.

UW Libraries Search

Use UW Libraries Search to find thousands of books and ebooks on Nordic topics held in academic libraries in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Ebooks are also available online to UW students, staff, and faculty through UW Libraries Search.

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Use WorldCat to expand your search and identify and request materials beyond offerings in the Pacific Northwest.

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