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Scandinavian Studies: Prisons, Penal Systems, and Corrections

Criminology & Corrections Reference

These online encyclopedias and bibliographies provide the best English-language reference coverage of international corrections and criminology topics. World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Correctional Systems profiles correctional systems around the globe—look up any country for an overview. The Oxford Bibliographies and Oxford Research Encyclopedias provide background on a broad range of topics—search a Nordic nation to find articles referencing cases and examples from that country.

Subject Databases

Bibliographic databases provide references, and often links to full-text, across a broad range of selected publications. Subject-based databases typically provide references to original research, review articles, book reviews, and other resources related to a defined research area. The databases each searches a different range of journals, books, and other publication, but all include international coverage of topics related to criminal justice and corrections.

Find Books & Ebooks

Use library catalogs to find books, at UW or in other library systems. Books not held by UW can still be requested, using interlibrary loan lending services. If you have a book title or author name, search using that information. If you don't have an author or title in mind and want to browse books based on subject, select Advanced Search and try using these Library of Congress Subject Headings:

  • Corrections
  • Criminals—Rehabilitation
  • Prisoners
  • Prison administration

UW Libraries Search allows you to access or request books from UW and our partner institutions in Washington and Oregon. Want to find more books beyond those? Use WorldCat to search the holdings of thousands of libraries globally.


Selected Books & Ebooks

Selected titles from University of Washington holdings on Nordic penal systems.

Primary Sources: Statistics

Various governmental, non-governmental, and intergovernmental bodies collect and present statistics on topics related to criminal justice and corrections. The Nordic countries provide national statistics in English as well as in the national language(s).




Primary Sources: Government Correctional Agencies

Administration of prison systems in the Nordic countries is carried out by agencies under the auspices of their respective justice ministries. Find primary sources in the form of reports, policy documents, and other publications produced and provided by these correctional / prison and probation services. English-language content will be limited; for more content, check the non-English version(s) of the site.

Primary Sources: Justice Ministries

In the Nordic countries, governments administer justice through their justice ministries and government publications and other resources may be available from ministerial websites. English-language content will be limited; for more, check the non-English version(s) of the site.

Primary Sources: Intergovernmental Organizations

Intergovernmental and nongovernmental agencies can provide helpful international context, statistical data, and unique publications that may not be available elsewhere.

General Reference Collections

These general ebook collections include English-language books containing references to correctional / penal systems in the Nordic countries. To locate ebook chapters, search by pairing geographic terms with subject terms:

geographic: Denmark OR Finland OR Iceland OR Norway OR Sweden OR Scandinavia

subject: penal OR correctional OR prison

Theses & Dissertations

Theses and dissertations often provide new perspectives or original work on a topic. Search global theses and dissertations in PQDT.