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Scandinavian Studies: Personal Stories in Film, Music, Oral Histories, and Text

Finding and Paging Personal Stories

If you want to look at see materials recording personal stories you will need to visit the archives. In order to see items not available online, you will need to know some information about the items, including, the Collection Name, the Collection or Accession Number, and the Box Number.

If, for example, you want to see Edith Kilgren's Papers, these are some pieces of information you need to put on a callslip to have the archivists page it for you:

1) Collection Name: Edith Kilgren Papers

2) Collection of Accession Number: Coll. No. 2605

3) Box Number: (This collection consists of just one folder or box, so no information is needed for this line in this case.)

Personal Papers



Oral Histories & Films