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Nordic Film Reference

Bibliographic Databases

Bibliographic databases offer access to curated collections of articles, books, and other materials within a specific discipline. Their comprehensive indexing and metadata enable advanced search features to refine results and discover additional sources. Search these databases to explore the international scholarly literature on Nordic film and media and related disciplines.


Journals offer a timely, peer-reviewed platform for discussing and exploring specific topics, providing a broad perspective in the fields they cover with focused articles and various other types of short-form content. Film journals offer research articles, essays, interviews, reviews, festival coverage, industry news, and more. For Nordic film, consult film journals, including Nordic film journals, as well as Scandinavian studies journals.



National Film Institutions

Public film institutions in the Nordic countries promote, support, and preserve their countries’ national film heritage. These organizations offer valuable information for film scholars and professionals working on Nordic cinema. Explore their websites to find resources such as film databases and collections, scholarly and trade publications, festivals and film industry news, funding information, and more.

National Film Databases

The Nordic countries' film institutes make national film databases available online. These typically include factual data about films, including cast, crew, production, distribution, etc. They may include other features but do not generally provide analysis, scholarship, or film reviews.

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