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Finding and Paging Photographs

If you want to look at photographs that are not digitized, you will need to visit the archives. In order to see these photographs you will need to know some information about the items, including, the Collection Name, the Collection or Accession Number, and the Box Number.

If, for example, you want to see the print of the Leif Erikson Statue, these are some pieces of information you need to put on a callslip to have the archivists page it for you:

1) Collection Name: August Werner Photographic Collection

2) Collection of Accession Number: PH Coll. No. 0708

3) Box Number: Folder 2/Items 6-13

People and Places

Images from Special Collections

Elfrida Pedersen in costume

August Werner in front of Leif Erikson statue (1962)

Amundsen's ship Gjoa at Nome, AK (1906)

Henry and Inga Kolloen weigh gold (c. 1900)

Equality Colony dining hall (1898)

The Arctic and Explorers

Alaska and the Klondike Gold Rush

Folk Arts and Regional Costumes