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China Studies: Chinese Classic Ancient Books User Guide

Research guide on China and Chinese language studies resources.

What's in this Guide

This guide is intended as an additional resource for students and other UW library patrons who want to use the Chinese Classic Ancient Books 中國基本古籍庫

About the database:

It is the largest database of Pre-20th-century texts covering all fields of knowledge. It has in recent years become a standard reference for anyone working on pre-twentieth-century China, due to its vast scope and the good quality of the editions it includes. All texts are provided in full text and image format, allowing for a direct comparison both between digitized text and original text image and in some cases between different editions of the text. The texts are divided into four sections: Philosophy and Science, History and Geography, Art and Literature, and General Works; each of these is split up into 20 major categories, which in turn are divided into 100 minor categories.

How to access this database

  • Select “Ancient Classics” and click "login".  You need NetID to login for off-campus use.
  • One spontaneous user limit, When you see "在線用戶數已滿,請稍後再試!", please wait a moment and try again.
  • Choose 中国基本古籍库V8.0 and click 我已閱 (I agree). 

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