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A research guide for Chinese study materials at the University of Washington Libraries


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中国当代政治运动史数据库(网络版)The Database on the History of Contemporary Chinese Political Movements, 1949- online version  Access for all on-campus; login required from off-campus

This series includes four databases of primary sources and archival materials such as Chinese Communist Party internal documents, representing the history of political movements since 1949.

  • 中国文化大革命文库 = Chinese Cultural Revolution database

This database contains original documents related to the Chinese Cultural Revolution including CCP notices, instructions, proclamations, speeches and major media commentaries with detailed citations; comprises first hand sources.

  • 中国大跃进--大饥荒数据库, 1958-1962 = Chinese great leap forward and great famine database, 1958-1962.

This database contains more than 7,000 documents of CCP directives, bulletins, internal reports, officials' speeches, and major media commentaries with detailed citations, and covers a larger context of the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine with inclusion of documents on such policies and campaigns as the state monopoly on grain purchase and marketing, the Collectivization of Agriculture, the Campaign to Eliminate Counterrevolutionaries, the Great Debate on "Red and Expert," the "Dual-Antis" Campaign, the Campaign to "Open One's Heart to the Party," and the Campaign to "Pull Out White Flags and Erect Red Flags."

  • 中国反右运动数据库, 1957-  The Chinese Anti‐Rightist Campaign

This database contains primary sources pertaining to the Anti-Rightist Campaign, including government documents, directives, bulletins, speeches by Mao Zedong and other officials, major newspaper and magazine editorials, published "Rightist" views and their denunciations, and original archives.

  • 中国五十年期的政治数据库:从土地改革到公私合营, 1949-1956 = Database of the Chinese Political Campaigns in the 1950s: From Land Reform to State-Private Partnership, 1949-1956.

This database contains more than 9,000 documents related to the Chinese political campaigns in the 1950s including CCP directives, bulletins, internal reports, officials' speeches, and major media commentaries with detailed citations.

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