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Research Guides


Web links and print journals in the UW Libraries that deal with one issue, such as Abortion, Gun Control, etc., issues that tend to be controversial and currently under debate.

Online Resources

  • Abortion - This page provides links to both pro-life and pro-choice sites.


  • Animal Rights Movement - This page lists materials and organizations that are active in presenting various issues as they relate to animals, i.e. vivisection, cruelty-free consumerism, animal control, hunting and trapping, etc. See also Environment.


  • Candidates & Elections - This page brings together a selected number of web sites and publications that focus on the political campaigns and elections. Primarily national, several state and local resources are also included. See also Multi-Issue Politicized Sites.


  • Environment - Environmental materials are usually produced by Green Parties, progressive and liberal organizations. Several resources have established themselves as influential forces in modern political debate and are recognized independent of a particular political affiliation.




  • Gun Control - This page provides links to sites advocating gun control and to those opposed to most regulation of gun ownership.


  • Health Care Reform - This page brings together selected sites and print sources that debate managed health care, government health plan proposals and other issues concerning health care policy. See also Abortion.


  • Human Rights - This selection of human rights sites represents a wide range of organizations working for the protection of human rights and peace. Resources include several collections of fulltext primary documents, governmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations working in the field of human rights, and a highly selective list of web sites working for a particular constituency, a specific geographic area, or a well defined issue within the human rights arena.


  • Militias - This page brings together sites that represent the interests of militia organizations in the U.S.