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Research Guides


In most cases, web sites and print magazines and journals identify themselves as to political perspective. Usually, web sites maintain "Mission Statement" pages which describe in some detail the goals of the organization or interest group behind the web page, major participants and even sources of funding. Some periodicals also provide mission statements, but it is a somewhat less common practice in the print media.

Several other standard resources have been used to verify and/or augment information about organizations and their web sites and publications, as well as to locate publications representing particular points of view. These sources are listed below. The World Wide Web itself, of course, offers a wealth of information as well.

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"Public Interest Profiles 1996-1997." Foundation for Public Affairs, Washington DC: Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1996.

Sharp, J. Michael, "The Directory of Congressional Voting Scores and Interest Group Ratings." New York: Facts on File Publications, 1988.

In addition, many annotated research guides on specific subjects have been used, as a way to dig more deeply into particular topics.