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Many kinds of socialist movements have flourished over the last 150 years, with roots going back at least to early Christian movements, but they all have in common a belief in a political and economic system in which the state controls (either through planning or outright ownership) all basic means of production. The aim is to produce all necessities for society without regard for profitability. The end result is an egalitarian society in which all are cared for by society and poverty is eliminated.

Web Sites

  • Solidarity
    The web site for this bimonthly journal of analysis, Against the Current is published by Solidarity, a socialist organization.


  • Socialist Party USA Cybercenter
    The home page of the Socialist Party USA, this site includes links to socialist/social democratic organizations around the world.

Materials in the UW Libraries

  • Dissent
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    HX1 D58

    Also Available Online

    Published quarterly by the Foundation for the Study of Independent Social Ideas, Inc., Dissent is a "democratic socialist magazine." It does not support any specific candidates or legislation and attempts to present current issues in an open, non-dogmatic way. It also publishes views opposed to those of the journal.


  • Freedom Socialist
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    Microfilm A7637

    Also Available Online

    This quarterly newspaper covers national and local (Seattle and Pacific Northwest) events from the perspective(s) of "Marxists, Leninists, Trotskyists, feminists, humanists..." in its efforts to defeat capitalism and bring about universal ethnic. gender and economic equality.


  • In These Times
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    Microfilm A7719

    Also Available Online

    Published biweekly by the Institute for Public Affairs, this journal provides a socialist editorial page, but opens its pages to "a wide range of views, socialist and non-socialist, liberal and conservative." It puts particular emphasis on covering news of labor and women.


  • The Militant
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    Microfilm A4129

    This Socialist news weekly is "published in the interests of working people." It covers national and international political news from the perspective of the Socialist Workers.