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While quite difficult to define, conservatives tend to favor local initiative and limited federal government involvement in domestic issues, a strong national defense, personal rights and responsibility rather than bureaucratic regulation, traditional religious beliefs, an economy based on the principals of capitalism and free enterprise, and a suspicion of social planning schemes. Common sense and practical solutions are supported while complex regulatory systems are opposed. See also Libertarianand Religion & Politics.

Web Sites

  • Christian Coalition
    The homepage for one of the best known Christian organizations at the forefront of the religious conservative movement, it provides links to pro-family publications.


  • Conservative News Service
    A new news service, debuting on the web in June, 1998, CNS aims to counter the "liberal bias" found in the established news media. This site divides today's news into eight general categories and also maintains a collection of links to other issue-specific conservative websites.


  • Free Citizen On-line


  • The Heritage Foundation
    The Heritage Foundation is a well established research center or "think tank" that examines national issues such as crime, public and private schooling, the environment and many other topics, and provides a conservative perspective. The Foundation publishes Policy Review, a bi-monthy journal dedicated to "the study of private-sector and local-government alternatives to the bureaucratic, centralized welfare state." The journal seeks to "revive the spirit of American citizenship by recovering the core political principles of our Founding Fathers and by articulating and advancing the conservative vision of civil society."


  • The John Birch Society
    Describing itself as "America's most effective grass roots-based constitutionalist organization," the John Birch Society page provides information which "hail free market economies, uphold traditional morality and valiantly defend the Constitution of the United States as envisioned by our Founders."


  • Media Research Center
    This site seeks to "bring political balance to the nation's news and entertainment media," and describes itself as a conservative media watchdog organization. Media Research Center evaluates daily news coverage and "confronts liberals in the press directly with evidence of their slanted reporting."


  • Rush Online!


  • Town Hall
    This site promises to introduce its readers to "the Net Conservative World." It contains links to a long list of conservative websites and publications on the web. Its goal is to "bring together individuals and public policy organizations under the broad umbrella of 'conservative' thoughts, ideas and actions." The participants do not necessarily agree on every issue but hope to use this site as a place to openly debate the controversies of the day.


  • Tea Party Patriots
    The Tea Party movement seeks to "improve our great nation through renewed support for fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free marked economic polocies". This site provides "logistical, educational, networking and other support to thousands of community-based tea party groups around the country". 


  • Thinking Right
    The editorial column of Jim Wooten of the Atlanta Constitution, "for more than 110 years, offering realistic conservative thinking to Georgians."


  • The Washington Times
    Describing itself as "America's Newspaper," the website presents the weekly weekend edition of this Washington DC paper. Founded in 1982 by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church, the paper provides an alternative to the Washington Post, and ha s become a rallying point for conservatives. Website archival files are under development.


  • The World & I
    Published by the Washington Times, this handsomely illustrated and produced monthly periodical covers political, cultural and social issues in depth.

Materials in the UW Libraries

  • American Enterprise
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    D839 A383

    Published monthly by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research---a leading conservative think tank---the journal covers major issues of the day and will often publish a variety of articles on a single broad topic, such as media.


  • American Spectator
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    AP2 A31059

    Also Available Online

    Publishing for over 75 years, the American Spectator is a well regarded conservative voice. Now emphasizing more investigative journalism, this monthly deals with current political, social and cultural issues.


  • Headway: the Magazine for Today's Political Leaders
    Available Online
    Formerly titled National Minority Politics, this monthly publishes conservative viewpoints of a variety of primarily black political activists, office holders and commentators. It is available in fulltext on Ethnic NewsWatch, a keyword searchable cd-rom r esource featuring the publications of many ethnic and minority communities in the United States.
  • Human Events; the National Conservative Weekly
    Microform & Newspaper Collections
    Microfilm A6975

    Also Available Online

    Straight news reporting is done as objectively as possible, while editorials and opinion pieces are staunchly conservative. Published in Washington DC, this journal focuses much of its attention on the Congress and its relationship with the Executive Branch.


  • Insight on the News
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    AP2 I624

    Also Available Online

    This weekly news journal is published by the Washington Times Corporation (Unification Church) and claims to provide "the kind of coverage found in Time and Newsweek but written without the liberal bias."


  • The National Interest
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    JX1 N37

    Also Available Online

    Promoting what it calls "classical realism," the journal supports a "safe" world order (as opposed to a "just" world order), achieved through a balance of powers in which American values and security---both material and military---are safeguarded.


  • National Review
    Odegaard Periodicals (Current Edition), Suzzallo/Allen Stacks (Later Editions)
    AP2 N3545

    Also Available Online

    Perhaps among the most respected of the popular conservative journals, the National Review has published stinging criticism on liberals for over 40 years. It covers current events and culture on a bi-weekly basis. The magazine also maintains NR Online which is updated daily.


  • New American
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    AP2 N48

    Also Available Online

    One of the most conservative news publications, the New American covers all the current political issues on a biweekly basis. An additional resource is the The New American website.


  • Policy Review
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks

    H1 P694

    Also Available Online


  • The Public Interest
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    AP4 S7

    Also Available Online

    This journal is the conservative counterpart to the New Statesman. It expresses the views of the British Conservative Party in well written brief articles. It also covers American politics.


  • The Spectator
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    AP4 S7

    Also Available Online

    This journal is the conservative counterpart to the New Statesman. It expresses the views of the British Conservative Party in well written brief articles. It also covers American politics.


  • Weekly Standard
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    AP2 W44

    Also Available Online

    The Weekly Standard is making a real mark as a fresh, bold conservative journal reporting on current political issues.


  • The World & I
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    CB428 W67

    Also Available Online

    Published by the Washington Times, this handsomely illustrated monthly periodical covers political, cultural and social issues in depth. Also available The World & I website.