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This page lists web sites and current journals which have clear religious affiliations and contribute to public policy debate. See also Conservative, Liberal, Abortion and Human Rights.

Web Sites

  • B'nai B'rith Interactive
    B'nai B'rith works to protect and extend rights of Jews everywhere. It has an active lobby in Washington DC and a strong presence in Israel. The Anti-Defamation League is the human rights arm of B'nai B'rith. This site maintains several links to news services representing the B'nai B'rith perspective on many national and international issues.


  • Christain Coalition
    The Christian Coalition was founded by Pat Robertson as a "pro-family citizen action organization to impact public policy on a local, state and national level, to teach Christians effective citizenship, and to promote Christian values in government." This group articulates many of the concerns and views of the religious right.


  • HateWatch
    A Guide to Hate Groups on the World Wide Web, this web site is a directory to those organizations that advocate violence against or unreasonable hostility toward people or organizations identified by their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender.


  • The Interfaith Alliance
    This site describes itself as a non-partisan organization offering "Americans a mainstream, faith-based agenda committed to the positive role of religion as a healing and constructive force in public life." It draws on shared religious principles and challenges "those who manipulate religion to promote an extreme political agenda." Much of the material at this site is in direct opposition to the statements of the "extreme religious right."


  • Jewish Defense League
    Self-described as the most "controversial" of all Jewish organizations, JDL takes a very activist line in its presentation of current issues.


  • Nation of Islam Online
    This site provides a brief history of the group, press releases, commentary from leader Louis Farrakhan and follow-ups on the Million Man March.


  • Links to Organizations and Web-sites Related to Religion and Politics and Contemporary Church-State Issues
    This Baylor University page provides numerous links to WWW sites concerned with the separation or lack there of between church and state.


  • The Constitutional Principle: Separation of Church and State
    This page "is devoted to exploring the nature and the purpose of this principle in an effort to educate the public." Includes articles on the historical, legal, and political backgrounds of the separation of church and state.

Materials in the UW Libraries

  • America
    Odegaard Periodicals (Latest Edition), Suzzallo/Allen Stacks (Earlier Editions)
    BX801 A5

    This weekly magazine is published by the Jesuits and covers many current issues.


  • Catholic Northwest Progress
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    Microfilm A3513

    The monthly newspaper published by the Archdiocese of Seattle covers local news and political issues of concern to the Church.

  • Catholic Worker
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    Microfilm A8015

    The organ of the Catholic Worker Movement, this semi-monthly paper was founded in 1933 so that the poor and the disenfranchised would have a voice. It has continued to speak out forcefully on civil rights, nonviolent opposition to capitalist systems, human rights violations and many other issues.


  • Christian Century
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    BR1 C45

    Founded by U.S. Protestants, this weekly includes the religious perspectives of non-Protestants and non-Christians as well as Protestants in its coverage of current ethical and social issues such as the tobacco lobby, religious freedom abroad and the links between violence and religious beliefs.


  • Christianity Today
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    BR1 C648

    Includes some coverage of current issues each month, bringing a more conservative perspective to bear.


  • Commentary
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    DS101 C63

    Published by the American Jewish Committee, this monthly presents a moderate Jewish perspective on contemporary issues.


  • Commonweal
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    AP2 C6897

    Also Available Online

    Perhaps the most highly regarded mainline journal of current religious thought, generally from a Roman Catholic perspective, this very well written bi-weekly concentrates on social concerns.


  • Dialogue
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    BX8601 D5

    Also Available Online

    Covering a wide range of topics--with some attention to current political issues--this quarterly always speaks from a Mormon perspective.


  • Hinduism Today
    Suzzallo/Allen Folios
    BL1100 H55

    Also Available Online

    This monthly was founded to foster "Hindu solidarity as a unity in diversity among all sects and lineages." It reports on a wide variety of cultural and social issues.


  • Jewish Transcript
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    Microfilm A3862

    A Jewish newspaper which bills itself as "the voice of Jewish Washington."


  • Journal of Church and State
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    BV630.A1 J6

    Although published only three times a year, this journal takes as its sole purpose the examination of the interrelatedness of government and religious institutions.


  • Lilith; the Independent Jewish Women's Magazine
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    BM729.W6 L54

    Also Available Online

    This journal covers issues of concern to Jewish women in general and Orthodox feminists in particular. See also Women.


  • Moment; the Magazine of Jewish Culture and Opinion
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    E184.J5 M63

    This monthly covers cultural and social issues, the arts and politics.


  • Muslim Journal
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    All articles in the Muslim Journal are "based on the Qur'an, Hadith of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and promotion of Imam W. Deen Mohammed's ministry." This weekly covers religious news and some current issues, such as education, activities of the United Nations, employment, etc.


  • NCR (National Catholic Reporter)
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    Microfilm A7682

    Also Available Online

    Published weekly, NCR covers Roman Catholic activities in the U.S., including debate concerning birth control, women in the Church and other politicized issues.

  • Religious Studies News
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks, continues in Suzzallo/Allen Folios
    BL1 C432

    Also Available Online

    Published by the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature, this monthly includes some current events coverage, but its main purpose is to provide information about events and issues important to people in the field of academic religious study.


  • Seeds of Peace
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    BL2075 S44

    Published by the Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development and the International Network of Engaged Buddhists, this tri-yearly journal promotes cooperation among groups and agencies dealing with religions and development. It "articulates the perspective of Engaged Buddhism."