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Research Guides


These news resources reflect the current interests and perspectives of American ethnic and/or minority groups.

Web Sites

    • American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC)
      ADC is a non-sectarian, non-partisan civil rights organization working to defend the rights of people of Arab descent. The web site maintains archives of ADC press releases, examples of media discrimination and news digests of events in the Arab world.

    • Chicano/LatinoNet
      This site brings together research sites, community links, library resources and many other resources related to Chicano/Latino populations.


    • Ethnic NewsWatch
      contains fulltext articles from over 170 ethnic, minority and native publications from the U.S. It is an excellent resource for research on current events as reported and interpreted by and for ethnic and minority communities. Coverage begins in 1991. The database is updated every month.


    • German Corner
      "The first German-American internet magazine and resource guide in North America," this page provides links to cultural materials, some historical material and many other resources.


    • HateWatch
      A Guide to Hate Groups on the World Wide Web, this web site is a directory to those organizations that advocate violence against or unreasonable hostility toward people or organizations identified by their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender.

    • National Coalition for the Homeless
      The homepage for this national advocacy group for the homeless, this site provides legislative updates, a bimonthly newsletter and other information about homeless in the U.S.


    • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF)
      NGLTF is a "leading progressive civil rights organization...that has been at the forefront of every major initiative for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights." This site maintains a searchable archive of press releases and other news stories.


    • NativeWEB
      An annotated directory of links designed to provide a "cyber-community for Earth's indigenous peoples."


    • Queer Resources Directory
      A very comprehensive directory with links to news sources on issues affecting gays, links to support groups and links to sites that argue against the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

Materials in the UW Libraries

  • Crisis
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    A185.5 C92

    Also Available Online

    Covering a wide number of social, political, economic and cultural issues of interest to Afro-Americans, this monthly/bimonthly news magazine supports the principles of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.


  • Ebony
    Odegaard Periodicals
    AP2 E165

    Also Available Online

    Probably the most widely read Afro-American magazine in the United States, this monthly focuses on current topics and personalities in American culture.
  • Focus
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    JK2275.N4 F63

    Published by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, this monthly reports on national and international issues of specific interest to black Americans.


  • Hispanic
    Microform & Newspaper Collection
    Microfilm A8098

    Also Available Online

    An English language monthly, Hispanic covers current events and social issues. Also available at Hispanic Online.


  • India-West
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    JK2275.N4 F63

    "The weekly newspaper for the Indo-American Community," this paper covers political issues in India and in the United States that are of interest to South Asians.


  • Jet
    Odegaard Periodicals
    E185.5 J4

    Also Available Online

    A weekly news magazine reporting topics of interest to Afro-Americans, Jet is also important as a chronicler of black life in the United States.


  • Navajo Times
    Microform & Newspaper Collection
    Also Available Online

    "The newspaper of the Navajo People," this weekly paper covers local news and some national issues of particular interest to Native Americans.


  • Real Change
    Microform & Newspaper Collection
    Microfilm A9542

    "Puget Sound's Homeless Newspaper," this monthly covers issues of interest to the homeless, often written by the homeless. The goal of the paper is to "organize, educate, and build alliances to find community-based solutions to homelessness and poverty."


  • Tundra Times
    Microform & Newspaper Collection
    Microfilm A6243

    Also Available Online

    Published by the Eskimo, Indian, Aleut Publishing Company, this bi-weekly covers issues of interest to Native Americans in Alaska.