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Research Guides


Every issue in the news has multiple views. This website has been designed to help map out the political terrain and locate at least some of those interest groups that articulate and promote the myriad different viewpoints that drive political debate.

"Opposing Views" has been organized into the categories listed below. Sites and sources have been assigned a category based either on descriptions provided by the groups and publications themselves (i.e., "self-described") or by published directories and subject bibliographies. The following pages are highly selective and meant to call attention to just some of the most important resources and sites. Of course, most of the sites provide additional links to like-minded webpages, thus providing many more research possibilities.

Where possible, each category contains references to printed resources held in the UW Libraries, such as directories to particular types of think tanks, periodicals representing a certain ideology, and the names of individuals who write regularly for the press and are clearly identified as representing a particular viewpoint.



General Sites


  • Web links and print journals in the UW Libraries which present a wide variety of views on many current issues. The links and journals themselves do not represent a particular perspective.


Multi-Issue Politicized Sites

  • This section identifies and organizes a highly selective number of resources from the Web and the UW Libraries journal collections that present news coverage from a particular point of view, i.e., a political party, a religious group, an ethnic population, etc.


Single Issue Sites

  • Web links and print journals in the UW Libraries that deal with a single issue, such as Abortion or Gun Control. These issues tend to be controversial and currently under debate.