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Claiming to be the "fastest growing, world-wide movement seen in the second half of the 20th Century," and while emphasizing the still-evolving nature of the green movement and its political tenants, the Green Party calls for restructuring social, cultural and political life, particularly in developed countries. This movement is very much a local, grassroots effort, with little solid agreement on agendas, other than standing for peace, social justice and the environment.

Web Sites

  • ASGP The Association of State Green Parties
    Gateway to the confederation of Green Parties within the United States.


  • European Federation of Green Parties
    Official site of 31 member parties from Ireland to Georgia, from Malta to Norway. This organization and their Web site help to unite and create a dialogue between Green Parties around the world.


  • Green Parties of North America
    This page, maintained by the Green Party of California, is currently operating as a sort of catchall for local green movement groups which lack their own web sites, or who want to have a link to a central page.


Materials in the UW Libraries

  • Amicus Journal
    Engineering Periodicals
    S930 A65
    Published by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Amicus is first an environmental periodical but with a distinctly political voice. NRDC makes the news regularly and Amicus covers current issues.


  • Environmental Politics
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    JA75.8 E58

    Also Available Online

    Published in London, this scholarly quarterly publishes well researched, in depth articles concerned with the politics of the environment, particularly as they relate to green movements around the world.


  • Multinational Monitor
    Suzzallo/Allen Stacks
    HD2755.5 M8347

    Also Available Online

    Founded in 1980 by Ralph Nader, this public interest monthly news journal tracks corporate activities globally, including the United States. It focuses on threats to the environment, worker safety and health, union activities and the role of government in regulating corporate activities. Multinational Monitor On-Line provides more information about public interest resources.