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Nursing Research Guide: Search for an article title in UW Libraries Search

Search for an article title in the UW Libraries Search

This page illustrates how to search for an article in the UW Libraries Search system.

Assumption: that you have found an article citation and want to locate the full text of an article.

Step 1: Locate the title of the article in the citation; e.g. "Forget Me Not: Dementia in Prison.”

Step 2: Paste or type the article title into the UW Libraries Search box, located at on the library homepage at

UW Libraries Search box on the Campus Library homepage

Step 3: Click on the Search button

Step 4: Click on one of the UW Libraries users Log in for all services links, if you have not already logged in, and then log in with your UW NetID and Password.

UW Libraries Search-Log in links
Step 5: Click on either the article title, or the Online access link to view the information page.

UW Libraries Search: Online access link to article

Step 6:  In this case, we are clicking on the name of “Oxford University Press Journals Current” in the View Online area of the page. The publisher/journal vendor names will change depending on which company is providing the full text, and we have many publisher/vendors. Sometimes you need to click through multiple publisher/vendor links to get to the date, volume, and issue that you need.

This will take you on a similar journey as the “Check for Full Text-W” button” does in CINAHL, where you will need to look around the page to get to a PDF link.

UW Libraries Search: View Online area, full text article link

Please note the following features:

  • Browse through the tools in the "Send to" area including: E-mail, Permalink, Citation, Print, EndNote, EasyBib, Export RIS, BibTex, and Export to Excel.

Send to tools in UW Libraries Search article result