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Nursing Research Guide: Finding Books and Films

UW Libraries Search

Tips for finding books and more

Searching the UW Libraries Search discovery system:

  1. Use the UW Libraries Search system to find books/physical items, online books/items, articles, DVDs, maps, journals, software, items in a specific library, theses and dissertations, and more
  2. Types in the search box for what you are looking for
  3. After you receive a list of results, you can limit by Resource Type on the left-side of the page
  4. To limit to local and online holdings, either click on the "Articles books and more" box, and change it to the "UW Bothell/CC Library" option, and click on the Search button to see what we have. Another way to do this is to look for the "Library" list on the left, click the include box to the left of the "UW Bothell/CC Library," and click on the "Apply Filters" button.
  5. Search by title, author, or keyword (topics, actors, directors, performers, etc.), for specific programs.
  6. Search by type of program, such as: (if your search results are too broad try these as LC subject or genre searches)
    • documentary films
    • feature films
    • film adaptations
    • historical television programs
    • television comedies
    • television programs
    • television advertising
    • television mini series

If the book or film is available at a library other than the Bothell Campus Library, you can request it to be delivered to this campus for free. In the UW Libraries Search use the "Request UW Item (~1-4 days when available)" button (faster-local holdings), or the "Request Summit Item (~5-7 days when available)" button (slower-regional holdings).

UW Libraries Electronic Book Packages

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