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Nursing Research Guide: "Request this item" link

"Request this Item" Link

This page illustrates a citation found in the CINAHL database that leads to a link to the UW Interlibrary Loan services.

Step 1: In CINAHL, type or paste in Good Practice to Help Prevent Language Barriers, as we are going to look for the full text of this citation.

Step 2: Click on the purple “Check for Full Text – W” button located either below the citation or abstract (as illustrated below), or on the left side of the "Detailed Record" page.

CINAHL article citation, "Good practice to help prevent language barriers," check for full text button

Step 3: A new window will open that shows if we have this item available, or not. Log in to your library account with your UW NetID, as illustrated in the image below. Click on the "Log in for all services" green button to log in with your UW Net ID and password.

Log into UW Libraries Search to view Interlibrary loan options

Step 4Click on the "Request an article scan (~1-2 days)" button.

Button for "Request an article scan (~1-2 days)"

A new window will open. If you have set-up your Interlibrary Loan account, when you click on the "Request an article scan" link, the article information will be automatically filled out in the online form.