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Nursing Research Guide: "Check for Full Text-W" button

Locating the Full Text of an Article, by Connecting CINAHL and the UW Libraries.

This page illustrates a citation found in the CINAHL database that leads to a full text link of the article.

Step 1: In CINAHL, type or paste in Policy Approach to Nutrition and Physical to get to the citation. The full article title is, “Policy Approach to Nutrition and Physical Activity Education in Health Care Professional Training,” and we are going to look for the full text of it.

Step 2:  Click on the purple “Check for Full Text - W” button located either below the citation or abstract (as illustrated above), or on the left side of the "Detailed Record" page.

A new tab or window will open showing if the full text is available or not. We have a successful result! The image below is showing that there are full text links available listed under the “View Online” header. Check the dates to see if the links will work for you, or not. This one will work for our 2014 article.

Step 3:  Click on the "Log in for all services" button to log in with your UW NetID and password. Click on a journal vendor/publisher’s name to see what is available. In this case, we are clicking on the name of “Freely Accessible Medical Journals.” The journal vendor names will change depending on which company is providing the full text, and we have many journal vendors. Sometimes you need to click through multiple journal vendor links to get to the date, volume, and issue that you need.

List of journal vendor links                          

Step 4: We need to search for the article title to get to the full text of the article. Copy the article title of Policy approach to nutrition and physical activity education in health care professional training, and Paste it into the search box, and click on the search button.

Search by the article title in the search box

Step 5: Click on the article title in the search result to view the article page. 

Click on the first article title in the search result

Step 6: Look for a full text link somewhere on the web page. Since we utilize many different vendors, it can be located anywhere on the page.

The pdf link is circled in the image below. I prefer the PDF format, if available, since I can see the original page numbers, charts, graphs and pictures.­

Click on the “PDF” link, and the article should open. Save it somewhere you can find it on your computer.

Link to PDF

Step 7:  To get back to CINAHL, click on the “E” tab or window. (E stands for or EBSCOhost.)

What happens when the full text is not available?