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News: New York Times - online access changes

This guide recommends resources for finding information in the news - past and present. The UW Libraries has many newspapers on microfilm in addition to those listed here. For help finding more, email

Online Access to the New York Times

The New York Times announced on March 18, 2011 that it would begin charging for unlimited access to online content on its website and mobile applications beginning March 28, 2011.  

University of Washington users can continue to get access to Times content online via the following resources provided by the UW Libraries:

New York Times FAQ

Q. Can the Libraries get a Times digital subscription that we can use?
A. No. The Times does not offer multi-user subscriptions for libraries and their patrons. Through the NYT Campus Subscription Program @ UW, UW faculty, students and administrators are eligible to receive a 75 percent discount off individual subscriptions to the newspapers that now includesthe All Access Program available only to home delivery subscribers.

Q. Does that mean I can't access any of the Times content on their site or on my smartphone or iPad without an individual subscription?
A. The Times allows users to access up to 10 articles on its website per month with no cost. The Top News section will remain free on smartphone and tablet apps. Beyond that, digital subscriptions are required.  Subscribers to the print newspaper get free access via and smartphone and tablet apps.  See the Times digital subscription page for details.

Q. Do I have to wait to read Times articles in LexisNexis?
A. Times articles appear in LexisNexis the same day they are published in the paper. 

Q. Is everything that's available on the site available in the library databases?
A. LexisNexis provides only the text of Times articles.  Times photos, videos, and multimedia are not available in these databases.  (Photos are included in ProQuest Digital Microfilm, but are not in color or of the same quality as the website.) Online-only articles from the Times website can be searched in Factiva, though they are not included in the browsable contents.

Q. What about the print newspaper?  Do the Libraries still carry that?
A. Yes.  Print copies of the New York Times are available every day in Suzzallo Library (ground floor, Microforms & Newspapers), Odegaard Undergraduate Library, UW Bothell Library, and UW Tacoma Library.  Microforms & Newspapers keeps paper copies until the microfilm is received. 

Q. Is this going to happen with other newspapers? If it does, will I have access to content from those papers, too?
A. Everyone's going to be watching what happens with the Times, but many think it's inevitable that other newspapers will start charging for content. LexisNexis carries many other major (and not so major) newspapers.  The  Library PressDisplay database, available from the UW Libraries, offers the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and many other papers from around the world in full color, exactly as they appear in print, on the same day they are published. The  Access World News database the Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune, Spokesman Review, and other Washington State newspapers.