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Bob Nelson Collection of Folk Music: Browse by Artist A-J

A guide to the artists and recordings represented in the Bob Nelson Collection of Folk Music.

Browse by Artist

Bob Nelson enjoying a reflective moment in the analog digitization process.

There are several ways to listen to recordings in the Collection:

  • Visit an artist's page by clicking on the names to the right or hovering your cursor over the "Browse by Artists" tabs, then selecting a musician to listen to. Each page features sound recordings performed by that artist.
  • Visit the Bob Nelson "Set" on the UW Libraries' Soundcloud site by clicking here. This way you can listen to all the recordings featured in this guide without visiting each artist's page. Soundcloud also allows you to embed comments into the waveform for the recordings, and we encourage you to do so. 
  • Browse the Collection's entire list of contents by clicking here. This list includes information about all the recordings in the Collection (not just the samples featured in this guide). There are no sound recordings linked from this list. If you find something on the list that you want to listen to, first search for it on the Bob Nelson Soundcloud "Set" (available here). If it is not available there, contact the UW Libraries.


This project is the result of a unique private/public partnership. On his own, Bob Nelson collected, described, and digitized the analog recordings. John Vallier worked with Mr. Nelson to integrate these efforts into the UW Libraries' collections. Lauren Work, who was a UW iSchool graduate student at the time, played an critical role in processing the donated recordings, uploading  them to Soundcloud, and embedding them in this guide. UW iSchool graduate students Patrick Mishina and Tal Noznisky, also assisted with the construction of the Soundcloud and guide sites.