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Bob Nelson Collection of Folk Music: Charles O’Hegarty

A guide to the artists and recordings represented in the Bob Nelson Collection of Folk Music.

About Charles O'Hegarty

Photo courtesy of John Townley.

Charles O'Hegarty is someone I never met, but the late Walt Robertson told me many stories of him. He was a well known singer from London who traveled extensively in Canada. In the early 1960's, Walt managed "The Ark", a folk club in Vancouver, Canada. It was there that Walt recorded Charles during several live concerts. Here is a link to a Mudcat Cafe thread about Charles O'Hegarty.

(Bob Nelson, September 2012)

Charles O'Hegarty | "The Oggy Man (The Rain Was Softly Falling)" (UW Nelson WRR003)

Charles O'Hegarty | "The Leaving of Liverpool" (UW Nelson WRR001)

Charles O'Hegarty | "Never Wed an Old Man" (UW Nelson WRR001)

Charles O'Hegarty | "Wild Mountain Thyme" (UW Nelson WRR001)