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Bob Nelson Collection of Folk Music: Sonny Terry & J.C. Burris

A guide to the artists and recordings represented in the Bob Nelson Collection of Folk Music.

About Sonny Terry & J.C. Burris

I met Sonny when he, his cousin J.C. Burris (aka Jaycee), and Pete Seeger stayed at my home for several days when they were in Seattle for a concert at the Moore Theater. This was in 1957. One day when they were rehearsing for the concert, they invited me to turn on my tape recorder and they played 6 songs for me. It was also during this visit that Pete wrote "Oh Had I A Golden Thread." Here is a link to Sonny's background 

(Bob Nelson, September 2012)

Sonny Terry, J.C. Burris | "Rock Island Line" (UW Nelson NRR006)

Sonny Terry | Discussion and Practice Riff 01 (UW Nelson NRR006)

Sonny Terry, J.C. Burris | "Harmonica with Bones" (UW Nelson NRR006)

Sonny Terry | "She's So Sweet" (UW Nelson NRR006)

Sonny Terry | Practice Riff 02 (UW Nelson NRR006)

Sonny Terry, J.C. Burris | "My Baby Leaving" (UW Nelson NRR006)