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On April 27, 1816, Congress authorized publication of the Official Register of the United States. Produced every two years in conjunction with the sitting of each new Congress, the Official Register (initially referred to as the Biennial Register or the Blue book) contained comprehensive listings of all civilian, military, and naval employees, officers, and agents of the federal governments. The lists were arranged by department and thereunder by agency, bureau, or office. 


Official Register on GPO's FDsys (PDF)

As of January 2013, the Official Register of the United States is now available on-line from the Government Printing Office's Federal Digital System. On-line access to these documents is part of an ongoing pilot project started by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Government Printing Office to "provide permanent public access to the Treasury Library's digital content." More information is available here.

FDsys has the following years of the Official Register of the United States available: 1829, 1835-1837, 1841-1861; 1879-1891, 1895-1907, 1911-1921, 1925-1926, 1929-1934, 1936-1959. A search for "Official Register of the United States" and "Civil Service Commission" returns each year of the Offical Register listed above. You can perform your own search of FDsys as well. NOTE: FDsys offers the Offical Register of the United States in PDF format. These files are very large (500+ pages) and could take time to download.

Official Register in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set

Search the U.S. Congressional Serial Set Digital Edition (UW Restricted) for the terms "Official Register of the United States." Official Registers available through the U.S. Congressional Serial Set are available to view or download by individual page number in PDF.

The Official Register

Image courtesy of the University of Washington Libraries