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Government Sources by Subject: Executive Request Legislation, Washington State

Starting Point

Detailed Legislative Reports, Washington State Legislature

To retrieve a list of bills requested by the governor:

  • Choose the "Advanced Search" function under "Searching".
  • In the Knowledge Map section click on Bills (followed by dates for the current session).
  • In the Keyword Search box, enter the phrase - in quotes - "by request of governor"
  • Click search
  • For earlier sessions, click on Previous Bienniums to search all previous sessions, or click on +, click on a specific biennium, then click search.


Executive-request legislation in Washington State can be found in the bill tables at the back of the Senate Journal (print only) and the House Journal (print only). The bills are listed in numerical order, with an annotation to show if the bill is Executive-request legislation. To date, there is no place that lists only Executive-Request bills.

Executive Request Legislation Collections

Washington State Legislature

the washington state house against mt. ranier within the shape of the state of washington.

Image courtesy of the Washington State Legislature.

Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6239: Marriage Equality

"by request of Governor Gregoire"

Read the full text courtesy of the Washington State Legislature.