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Government Sources by Subject: Senate Executive Documents and Reports

Starting Points

Senate Executive Documents are reports made to the Senate by the executive branch and in 1981 they became known as Senate Treaty Documents.  These documents contain the full text of treaties.  Senate Executive Reports come from various Senate committees.  The reports are official recommendations regarding treaties, foreign relations, and the nominations of individuals.  Prior to 1930, these reports were considered confidential, and as a result were not distributed with the other committee reports.  Before 1979, Senate Executive Documents and Reports were not regularly included in the Serial Set.

Finding Aids

Finding aids are used to identify documents and pinpoint their location.  Information such as title, CIS number, and SuDoc number may be included.  Items indexed in the finding aids can be found via the above resources.

U.S Railroads in 1887

Map of the US transcontinental railroads from 1887 using a series of colors to designate these railroads on the map.

This map of transcontinental railroads from 1887 was included in Senate Executive Document 51 part 10, the Alphabetical, Analytical, and Topical Index of Testimony, Reports of Accountants and Engineer, and of the Commissioners of the United States Pacific Railway Commission.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.