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The Congressional Record (CR), known by different names over time, is the official record of proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress.  There are two editions: the daily edition and the bound edition.  The Daily edition is published when Congress in in session and includes a "Daily Digest" summary of floor and committee activity.  The Bound is a compilation of the daily editions, re-paginated and re-indexed.  The Bound is published once per session and is considered the permanent, official edition.

Additional Online Sources

Indexes to the Congressional Record

Print Sources and Microfiche

Congressional Record

Five volumes of the Congressional Record.

Image credit: Alexis Jensen

Congress Year to Session Number conversion

To find the year that corresponds to a session of Congress, see: Guide: Congressional Session Chart, Indiana University, Bloomington.


Producing the CR

A behind the scenes look at the creation of the print and online versions of the Congressional Record in this five minute video.